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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

poems to share

I sit here alone in the night wondering what is wrong with me no one ever cares nor will they ever there's a hole in my heart waiting to be filled I fight back the tears hoping no one will notice while at the same time I wish they would Why doesn't anyone notice? Why cannot they see me for me? and not some rumor that everyone believes Do I need to change? should I change? I used to think not but now Im not so sure they all rush past acting like I don't exist maybe I don't maybe I don't allow myself to What do i need to do to make you notice? just once, one time I want to feel like i belong my heart is empty and it waits for how long I ask... a year? a month? tomorrow? to me it seems like an eternity

Monday, March 29, 2010

bace sampai abes..
dan kamu akan memahamiku..

GaMbAr CiKgU2 SkOlAh DulU..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

haha...niela cikgu yg mengajar LK kelas 5jujur...
top class of the year 2009...kesian kat cikgu leh anak2 murid sebegini rupa...
hahaha... lupe nk die cikgu zawawi...mmg bes blaja ngan die..
cume kpalaku je yg susah nk trime...
huhu....papepown...cikgu mmg beh...
truskan perjuanganmu...hehe.... geng2 mafia smkss(cikgu wat part time jea)..haha
yg tepi skli baju kuning tu x silap sir hassan kot...
sebelah diye cikgu Ghani Awang..
cikgu mathku mase form 3...
jase cikgu la pmr ku dpt A..
dr awal skolah agi...
usahkan b..
c pon susah nk bleh..
yg sblah cikgu Ghani tu...
name pon Ghani gak...
tp yg nie spesel cket...
Ghani Mat Zain...
yg senang sgt nk igt name diye..
mase mngajar KH dulu...
die suke sgt sembang pasal name diye..
afGHANIstan la...GHANa la...
die ckp...sbenrnye..GHANa tu ambek smpena name Ghani..
tp die ckp xmoh glemer2..
so die suh tukar jadi GHANa...
dan name tu kekal smpai skrg..hahaha..
yg sblah die tu...
x cam lak...
sori ek ..
tp x silap tu guru kaunseling kot...
spanjang skolah x pnah pg kaunseling...
nk knal gane...hahaha

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Facebook tricks
  1. How to Place Facebook Chat On Firefox Sidebar

    If you are using Firefox, you can place the Facebook Chat at the sidebar.


  2. How to Download Facebook Photo Albums

    FacePAD: Facebook Photo Album Downloader allows you to download your friends’ facebook albums, Events albums, and Group Albums, en masse, with the click of a button.


  3. How to Share Flickr Photos to Facebook

    Flickr2Facebook is an unofficial Flickr to Facebook uploader(bookmarklet) which allows you upload photos to Facebook from Flickr.


  4. How to Update Facebook without Using Facebook

    hellotxt and both introduced features that let Facebook administrators update Facebook Pages.


  5. How to Schedule Facebook Messages

    Sendible lets you schedule Facebook messages ahead of time so you can send messages to your friends, customers or colleagues in the future.


  6. How to "Friend" Someone on Facebook & Hide It From Your Status Updates

    A short tutorial on Makeuseof to guide you how to hide Facebook status updates and keep that fact confined to your closer friends.

  7. How to Create a Photo Collage Using Pictures of Your Facebook Friends

    Click on Friends tab. Proceed to More tab. From "Choose an option" dropdown, choose any of the dashes "" . Your Facebook friends collage is right on your computer screen.


  8. How to Know When Facebook Friends Secretly Delete or Block You

    X-Friends is a unique tool for tracking friends that disappear from Facebook.


  9. How to Display Selected Pictures Only on your Facebook Profile Page

    A little-known feature in Facebook that lets you decide who shows up in that Friends box. Click that "edit" pencil in your Friends box and type the names of your best friends in the box that says "Always show these friends"


  10. How to Remove Facebook Advertisements

    This Greasemonkey script – Facebook: Cleaner removes many of the annoying ads and updates that unavoidably appear on your Facebook pages.


  11. How to Syncs Photos of Facebook Friends with Contacts in Microsoft Outlook

    OutSync is a free Windows application that syncs photos of your Facebook friends with matching contacts in Microsoft Outlook. It allows you to select which contacts are updated. So you can update all contacts at once or just a few at a time.


  12. How to Display Facebook Statuses on Wordpress Blog

    The following method make use of Facebook status feed and Wordpress RSS widget to display Facebook Statuses on WordPress blog.. It will also work for self-host Wordpress blogs.


  13. How to Post Your Blog Posts to Your Facebook Wall Automatically

    Wordbook allows you to cross-post your blog posts to your Facebook Wall. Your Facebook “Boxes” tab will show your most recent blog posts.


  14. How to Access Facebook Chat on Desktop

    Gabtastik and digsby let you keep Facebook chat sessions open on your Windows desktop outside of your regular web browser, using minimal screen real estate and system memory.

  15. How to Create Quiz on Facebook Easily

    LOLapps provides quiz creator that can be employed to conjure up these popular personality quizzes that are so widespread in Facebook.


  16. How to Hide Your Online Status on Facebook Chat from Select Contacts

    Facebook has integrated friends list with Chat and you can also choose which of these list members get to see you online.


  17. How to Get Facebook Updates on Email

    NutshellMail consolidates your Facebook accounts through the inbox you use the most.


  18. How to Update Facebook Status from Firefox

    FireStatus is a status update utility for multiple social networks, including FaceBook.


  19. How to Get Facebook on Your Desktop

    Seesmic Desktop, Facebooker, Xobni, Facebook Sidebar Gadget, Scrapboy and Facebook AIR application are desktop applications that allows you interact with your stream just as you would on Facebook, but without the browser.

  20. How to Delete, Cancel and Terminate Facebook Account and Profile

    A simple guide to terminate, delete or cancel Facebook account, together with the Facebook profile easily.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

aku x tau agie camne
nk men2 blog nie... sape2 yg bek aty... tunjuk2 ajar la ey..
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